Tuesday, February 22, 2011

POW POW.... Bitches

Well it does say in the blog title the pursuit and whatever else......

This is some of that whatever..... I mentioned a buddy, soon to be contributor Ray. Ray is lucky enough to live in Heber City Utah, about 20 minutes outside Park City. Now anyone whos anyone, knows Park City is known for many things, most of which, dry fluffy powder.

So, this is our third year of heading to the hills for this fluffy white addiction. Flew in Thursday morning, and used the ski free with a boarding pass deal. This is a great deal and allows fat 30 years olds to get a practice day to work out the kinks. Skied Canyons, formally known as The Canyons (who knows why they changed the name).... Decent day, decent snow, no complaints.

Day two: We decided to head for Alta, a mountain I have never skied. Shame on me..... Alta is freaking sweet as hell! Known to be a locals spot, Alta is also one of the smaller resorts in the Wasatch Range. Anyway we had a greast day, with some pretty decent snow...

Day Three: Skied Park City Mountain Resort (AKA. PCMR, says Ray, only locals can call it this). Lets just say this is why one heads to Utah... To ski some of the worlds best powder. It snowed all f'n day. Sun Up to Sun Down..... We were knee deep in the shit and found some badass runs no fucking boarders were on or punk ass new age skiers. You know what I'm talking about if you ski. The kids whos pants are falling off, not to mentioned the pants are pink, coat is florecent green.... A damn shame.... Anyway perfect day....

Day Four: We should have skied, 2 ft of powder over night, but our old and lame asses drank till 1:30 am and would not have been worth an F.... So we sat on our asses and ate food until it was time to head home....

All in all great trip...... Can't wait till next year. If you ski (or board, I guess) get to Park City, Little Cottonwood or Big Cottonwood this year or next.... You will not be disappointed.

Representing Home Shit and yes those a double black bitch!

Ray on fall number???????? Who knows, wifey lending some much needed assistance. She could out ski us all.... Local

Fresh ass POW!

No Name Saloon. Great Place for frosty beverages and shuffle board.

Another fall with Ray under an entire tree, waist deep.
Long story short.... Ray was in charge of the keys and yes they WERE in the pocket with a hand size hole... Yup! This resulted in a call to a family member, who may or may not had to drive 1 hour to bring us a spare key. Isn't family great! At least this slight delay resulted in drinking ! Thanks again Silver Bullet, you saved the day yet again!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And they say the Sandy, was fishing good?

Well another great report here from.....

The worst Steelface fisherman around, APPEARANTLY!

I am serious, the last few weeks (lets be honest, months) have been tough on me... I have really lost confidence in my ability to catch these damn fish.

I will mention, it was my first official time on the Sandy (near OB) and it certainly won't be my last, but I needed to hook up, to save face and personal pride!

The river seemed high and was certainly a little cloudy, but HELL. My buddy, Logan (AKA. Ray) was in for work from Park City, so we hit the river while he was in town. Now Ray, is a fishy trout dude from UT... And no, he is not a f*#king Morman, he's normal! (Sorry to all you weirdos out there I had to say it!)

Ray has never caught a Steelhead, so I thought, with my keen abilities, fish like senses and prowess, I would for sure pop his Steelface cherry............................... Bad thought! We both sucked and I sucked even more because I'm the blogger who thinks he a freaking fishing pro. I even attempted learning him on Spey Casting.... Yeah, I sucked at that too... Some people just can't be taught... But then again, maybe some people just can't teach?

Either way no fish were harmed in our attempts.... So, we have done our part to Save Wild Steelhead! After all, we only fish so we can look good on the river. We never intended to catch them anyway, it's all about the image.

And for that we are still bad MFers.....

In the future we may here more from Ray. I have asked him to contribute stories, news and other stuff from the fine waters throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

Here is a pic of Ray, so you can put a face to the name, when he contributes....

Oh Shit!!!!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

My thoughts on this years film tour.....

I must say, I look forward to this like Christmas, my birthday, Valentines Day and other very important dates.

Anyway, I went with a few buddies this year and we did have a good time, however......

I think I speak for all of our crew, when I say we were a bit disappointed with this years films. Yes, they showed some good hook ups, fishing, talking and other decent shit, but overall not as hardcore as past films.

Now keep in mind this is my own opinion and that of those whom have shared theirs with me. And I still think the tour is sweet and cool, but I expect great things based on past experiences. So, I would like to think we all, hold the tour to a higher level..... Because they're good at this stuff and well, the rest of you suck at it!

Kidding Kidding, you can't be so sensitive.... I suck at it too....

There were two very specific things, that I really didn't care for, per say, 1) If I recall correctly ( and yes beers were involved) the Mako shark flick "Speed Muscle Teeth".... showcased some dude (name not relevant) who I watched on Spanish Fly like two weeks ago. Now there is nothing wrong, with showing someone who has been on TV before, but shit, I thought and excuse me if I am wrong, remember my opinion, that this tour was about showcasing the skills of some badass fly fishers, movie makers, new blood and talent, etc, etc, etc..... This cat (respectfully) already had his time to shine on f'n ESPN, with Jose. I mean we can all watch him on cable if we like. So nothing personal, but really! Now I know they get tons of movies to review and select for the tour, but if this is the shit people sent in, then I am in the wrong business or better yet, they are (except for the dudes that made Greenstone, by Gambit Stone Productions. This was good fish porn and laughs). 2) There was no movie about Steelface..... I know, I know, there are many good sport fisheries in the US and around the world, but Steelhead are in the top three, with Permit and Tarpon, right! Especially with all of the stuff going on with SAVING WILD STEELHEAD and stuff. This year would have been a great opportunity to showcase why this species is special and deserves our support. And what better way to raise awareness that a tribute by film. I mean last years Metalhead, was freaking sweet as hell and I think most everyone agrees with this statement. I watch this at least once a month, it's that cool!

So...... in closing, I still enjoy watching the videos and meeting cool people, I just think this year fell short of last years awesomeness! And I think quite a few others concur, based on my discussions... But, with all my girlie bitching aside, I look forward to what is showcased next year..... I mean you can't keep everyone happy!

I read a post on a forum I frequent yesterday and this poster was complaining about the hat and how it was sooooo, ugly and how he would remove the patch and still where it on the river, regardless of how he looked. That pissed me off more than anything, because I think the hat is bad ass and I will wear it proudly as I do the FISHPOND hat (or yellow nightmare) from last year. And to you sir, YOU SUCK!!!! You could have respectfully declined the FREE swag, if it was not to your catwalk standards....

All in all a good time had by me and my crew! As if anyone cares what I think anyway. Thanks again guys, keep up the hard work!

If you have a comment, agree, disagree, post it up for all to read. OUT

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where art thou.... MR. STEELFACE?

Skunked yet again! This is becoming a far to freequent occurrence and I am beginning to think I suck....

But alas, I am fishing for the gray ghost.... And it is never easy.

I decided to take the day off. I am fortunate enough to have a job/ career that allows me to do so every now and again. So,  I checked with a few buddies and a few trusted shops as well, to see what might be happening.

It can be difficult to keep track of river levels, runs, pressure, etc. if you are not in the know, on a regular basis and I am not. I was thinking of heading to one of the NW Oregon Streams. I drove HWY 6 twice in the last week and a half, and the Wilson was looking in pretty good shape. I have only fished it once before and it was a raining like a son of a bitch (but we still had fun thanks to COORS HEAVY). Anyway, word on the street is I am a few weeks late. Which always seems to be the case when relying on others for info. Bastards!

So, I opted for a local SW WA stream the "Shoug". This river is only 5 minutes from the crib and I don't know it well. So why not.....This river use to have some of the best runs in the State of Washington or so I've read (and heard).Unfortunately (like many other rivers in the state and in OR) it has been reduced to mainly hatchery brats...

Needless to say, I didn't catch or see a fish, but I saw almost 15 miles (stopping at various runs) of the river, most of which I had never seen before. Due to the lack of rain, the river is quite low and I did not expect to see many moving fish, (this river is best late Dec through early Jan for winter runs).  Wow! This river is one beautiful piece of water (for those who have never ventured this way). I am glad I decided to take the day off, even though Mr. Steelface eluted me yet again.

I, like many of you, enjoy hooking, catching, landing and chasing tails, but I truly love standing in the middle of a stream. No phone, TV, people (sometimes I have the tunes on). But, for those lucky few who have chosen this as their profession, I am envious! There is something therapeutic about hearing the water flow, the megansers flying bye, a stick breaking, even the occasional Bambi, etc, etc, etc..... Of course, it would be nice, to hook up at least every five trips (whose counting), but what fun would that be.... Would I take it all for granted, if I was able to hook up every trip? It's not, at least for me, about catching fish! It's about being in the great outdoors and not having a care in the world while your on the water (except the occasional slip and fall, which happened to me a week and a half ago..... Water just over the waders.... Shit! Pretty freaking cold).

Anyway, just thought I'd throw some quick thoughts on the ol bloginator......

I hope to see everyone at the F3T tomorrow. I'll be there to see some, blow your mind type shit and meet some cool folks.Thanks for reading.

Over and.....


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild Steelhead Reach Profish Docks in time for Valintines Day!!!! COOLER NEWS

Time to draft your letter and send it to Profish.....

I am no expert on the rules and regs for Tribal fisheries, but selling and advertising WILD STEELHEAD, needs to stop.

This is your chance to help make a difference. Check out the link below.


How sweet, wild (PROTECTED) steelies for your sweetie pie, on Valentines Day!

Send an email or letter TODAY! PROFISH SITE


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 Days Left Until F3T 2011..... PDX Style

I am sure most of you (at least the truly addicted) have seen, heard of or attended the Fly Fishing Film Tour in the past. Last year (2010 for the stoner's) broke my cherry! I enjoyed it so much, I saw the show a second time, while in Utah for the annual pow pow trip.

My brother in law, turned me on to this and he's in Michigan. So the crew has done a great job of getting the word out and more importantly, backed it up with some sweet ass videos (sponsors, swag and other shit).

So , get your no good ass of the couch on Saturday the12th around 6:00 pm and go check this stuff out..... You wont be disappointed. To make sure you gets ticket, go to the website and buy your ticket there.... It sells out!


The IPA's from McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub (AKA. The Venue) are pretty strong when mixed with other...Wwweeeeellllllll.. I'll say foods.... To keep it clean for the kids... So, dont drink to much! It may result in a 10:00 pm call to wifey for a safe ride home or the women of your choice or for some..... the boy of your choice (to be politically polite). Hey its Portland! I need to be sensitive to all, we dont like hurt feelings.... You've seen Portland, known to be a little on the touchy side. By the way " Is the chicken local?"


Monday, February 7, 2011


And the Winner is?........................ K2FlyFisher, from the WashingtonFlyFishing and his big ass STEELFACE! At least we're hoping so.....

I dont know this cat personally, but he has some badass pics on many sites and blogs. Cudos dude!

Hey I voted.... Maybe if I actually caught fish, I could enter some time... Envy!

Check out all the entries at MoldyChum.


What Has Yakima Nation Been Up To? A little Rehab?

Yakima Nation has been up to some rehabilitating kelts (Steelhead). Don't know how many of you feel about this, but I (being newer to hatchery programs for Steelface) thought this was kind of interesting. They say their wild adult Steelies, so I guess I dont know, better than nothing, Right? Seems to me that if they are truly NATIVES they are doing some good. This has been going on since 1999 at Yakima.

A step in the right direction.... Should we be thanking BPA for this one????? I leave that up to you...

Check it out here....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Packers Win Packers Win.. Super Bowl 45!!!!!!

Thanks for f in up the national anthem Christina! What a Dumb Ass!

Skagit Master 2 is HERE!!!

For those not familiar with Skagit Master, Volume 2 is here. Volume 1 revolutionized the Skagit World.

This volume features Scott Howell, a well respected Oregon Guide, Fishing Guru and Spey/ Skagit pioneer.

Thanks to the crew at New Water Media. Check out the trailer.

United States Youth Fly Fishing Team

Coming to a town near you... Pretty Neat. I wish there were more things for me as a kid (younger adult).


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steelhead Endangered Species Status


Well Here I Sit...

A beautiful PNW day, 50 degrees, slightly overcast, just perfect! For those who are out fishing at least....

Me, I'm sitting home with the kids, while MOM has a much needed girls weekend (or so she claimed). Anyway, I love my kids and my wife... But sometimes, all right a lot of the time, I would rather be chasing tails and shit! This is my first post ever, I just got into blogging about a month ago (I've been known to be a little slow), but I am addicted to reading others, so why not try it out.

We originate from the good ol' Midwest. Raised fishing, hunting and drinking good beer. Started chasing Steelface a couple years ago and it's like freaking crack. I can't sssstttoooopppppp... It makes me crazy and the wife as well. All I think about is catching or more accurately put pursuing the gray ghost.

This stuff is addicting as shit, hence the title (for those new to this obsession). So beware! If I were you I would stay far away and head for the hills. Good thing I've got some support (Steelhead AA) or more like fucking dealers! My buddies do me no good at all... All they wanna do is keep giving me a little taste...

So, I guess were all fucked!

In closing, I will be posting as much as I can or as often as makes sense. I will focus on the trials and tribulations of a new Steelheader and fly fisherman (by way of  fly only), as well as shit that is on my mind and going on elsewhere. I will not proclaim to be any kind of expert, but simply a guy who loves this sport and enjoys his time with family, friends and meeting others.  

So, until next time! Gets ta swinging!