Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well Here I Sit...

A beautiful PNW day, 50 degrees, slightly overcast, just perfect! For those who are out fishing at least....

Me, I'm sitting home with the kids, while MOM has a much needed girls weekend (or so she claimed). Anyway, I love my kids and my wife... But sometimes, all right a lot of the time, I would rather be chasing tails and shit! This is my first post ever, I just got into blogging about a month ago (I've been known to be a little slow), but I am addicted to reading others, so why not try it out.

We originate from the good ol' Midwest. Raised fishing, hunting and drinking good beer. Started chasing Steelface a couple years ago and it's like freaking crack. I can't sssstttoooopppppp... It makes me crazy and the wife as well. All I think about is catching or more accurately put pursuing the gray ghost.

This stuff is addicting as shit, hence the title (for those new to this obsession). So beware! If I were you I would stay far away and head for the hills. Good thing I've got some support (Steelhead AA) or more like fucking dealers! My buddies do me no good at all... All they wanna do is keep giving me a little taste...

So, I guess were all fucked!

In closing, I will be posting as much as I can or as often as makes sense. I will focus on the trials and tribulations of a new Steelheader and fly fisherman (by way of  fly only), as well as shit that is on my mind and going on elsewhere. I will not proclaim to be any kind of expert, but simply a guy who loves this sport and enjoys his time with family, friends and meeting others.  

So, until next time! Gets ta swinging!


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