Sunday, March 27, 2011

OH Yeaahh!!

Thought this was pretty cool for you tiers out there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

River Closure-Above Priest Dam Rapids

Upper Columbia River above Priest Rapids Dam
and tributaries close to steelhead fishing April 1 
Action:     Close the Columbia River from Priest Rapids Dam to Chief Joseph Dam and the Wenatchee, Icicle, Entiat, Methow, Okanogan, and Similkameen Rivers to steelhead fishing.    
Species affected:   Steelhead.
  • Columbia River from Priest Rapids Dam to 400 feet below Chief Joseph Dam.
  • Wenatchee River from mouth to Icicle River Road Bridge.
  • Icicle River from mouth to 500 feet downstream of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery barrier dam.
  • Entiat River upstream from the Alternate Highway 97 Bridge near the mouth to 800 feet downstream of the Entiat National Fish Hatchery outfall.
  • Methow River from the mouth to the confluence with the Chewuch River in Winthrop.
  • Okanogan River from the mouth upstream to the Highway 97 Bridge in Oroville.
  • Similkameen River from the mouth to 400 feet below Enloe Dam.
Effective Date: 12:01 a.m. April 1, 2011.
Reason for action:   The steelhead sport fishery that opened by emergency rule on September 8, 2010, will close effective April 1, 2011. This action is necessary to protect spawning steelhead listed for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act. 

Steelface Addiction Logo and Schwag Coming Soon!

Alright we've been at this for almost two full months! Obviously a really long time! But we've been getting some really awesome feedback and more importantly, we appreciate your continued support and views!

We've been working on a logo design and we are also very close to moving this blog to a formal website. When it's ready well start directing everyone there...

In a short time we will also have some schwag available. The plan is to have stickers and decals (to start) ready in about a month, with hats, shirts and other rad-dad gear to follow appropriately.... It is our intention to donate a substantial part of the profits from the sale of these items (stickers and decals).  When I say substantial, I mean whatever isn't used to purchase more stickers (and shit), will be donated to local, regional, state and national organizations (and we'll try and do the most with local groups). I am sure we will post a list of who we will donate to as we move forward.... We are still developing a plan, so it may take us some extra time to make sure we do it right.

If you have any ideas you think would be useful to our cause please feel free to shoot us a comment, with contact info.

Keep in mind we are just some regular dudes who the love sport and would like to do our part! But, we do not do this everyday, so if you think you can offer or bring something to the table we may be missing, feel free.



PS: A wise man once told me.... Advertise free beer and they will come..... SO


(tomorrow only)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sail Fish On The Fly!!!! Guatemalan Style

The sail fish are starting to heat up in Guatemala's pacific. While we usually wait for the full moon to fade away before hitting the waters once again (due to the better bite statistically), we are still raising sail fish into the spread FLY worthy in big numbers! Some days we see 12 sails fish in the spread and maybe 6 will take the fly, and probably 2 to 4 will be landed.

What does FLY worthy mean exactly??? Well, in order for a sail fish to aggressively slam a big, bright, pink cam sigler fly, they need to hit the hook-less teasers we troll with that attracts this fish into the ''spread''. That teaser looks like pink squid just 20 yards off the back of the boat trolling (splashes and draw attention to the baits being pulled by). Once they enter the spread and start attacking a teaser, we cut the motors, reel the ''teasers'' in like hell with a hot Sail Fish, Marlin or Dorado behind the teaser and yell ''pitch!!" to the angler. Hopefully if the bait and switch goes as planned you will have a 100 lb sail fish looking at you just 5 yards off the back of the boat. Soon after the sail grabs the fly and runs, that is when you set the hook, aiming for the corner of the sail fishes mouth. It will realize its hooked up and that when the fun starts. Tail walking away from the boat with a bright pink fly in the mouth, while doing out of water jumps, and flips . We usually recommend 12 wts, and even 13 to 14 wts for you first timers. I use Orvis 30 lb Gel spun for backing, Rio big game line and shooting head and I cut back the shooting head at least 10 feet so it doesn't drag on the back cast. I like Abel super 12 reels as well.
Just last week this guy (featured in picture) came down to Guatemala after going to Costa Rica for the last 5 years. Simply put he will never go back to CR again after experiencing our bite!

Tight Lines,
Capt Starrs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trailer Adventure Film Festival - Santiago - 2011 from Patagonia Chile on Vimeo.

And a good morning to you..

Woke up to two issues this morning.
1. No chrome to chase which in turn has forced me to watch some lucky bastard on tv over coffee.
2. A blanket of snow..Just when you think its over and spring is around the corner WOOSH. At least it will be short lived.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wet and Cold, but NOT Skunked

This mornings decision to hit one of the local Columbia Tribs (Washington), was certainly against my better judgment.

For those of you not familiar with what the Pacific Northwest winters have to offer, I'll give you the quick version.... Rain, Mildly Cold (35-50 average), Cloudy and Yes..... More Rain.

With the amount of moisture we receive, our rivers are almost always high, which in-turn equals, cloudy (milky, murky, muddy water, the opposite of clear). High and cloudy waters are two conditions known to turn Steelface into a somber non-active river Ghost. Anyone who's attempted fishing in conditions like this, understands exactly, what I'm talking about. Most don't even bother to leave the couch, but not me..... I am a diligent Steelheader and determined to prove others wrong, about catching Steelface in poor river conditions.... Or.... Maybe I was just really bored and anxious after sitting on my ass all day yesterday and I had to get out!

Not even kidding, it was raining sideways and the particular watershed I chose to explore happens to be in a canyon, which equals extra wind! And a bunch more water!

Anyway, I am not going to say it was my best day ever, because it wasn't,  but at least I didn't get skunked.

The catch of the day! Juvi Steelies (cute little babies). Reminds me of catching Brookies in the Au Sable.

Intruder is almost the size of the fish.

I know I Know, I can feel your envy! Imagine fighting this hog on a 13'6" 7 wt spey rod. Simply amazing! I would compare it to fighting a baby Tarpon on a 8 wt. Yeah!

I also caught this guy.... Forgive my video, I was trying to take a quick pic, but the dang phone wouldn't work with rain on the screen. So, please dont consider this my debut Steelface Film..... This guy was a little bigger.... More like the size of a nice Rainbow.

Again the key here is...... I did not get skunked!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Michigan to Guatemala

Hola Pescadores!
I can tell you first hand that pitching a fly on the pere marquette river for salmon and steel head in Bladwin Michigan, to pitching a large pink fly to a pissed off sail fish in Guatemala requires a large learning curve, but for the last 5 years I have taught anglers in less than 4 days how to do such a task. I am a now a Captain/guide, and lodge manager/owner in the sail fish capital of the world, which is in Iztapa, Guatemala. I started this business just 5 years ago and already I am a master in my field. Even better I started a company that relates and targets common anglers that don't want to spend a shit load of money, to get professional results. Just remember that when the tip jar comes your way!
We have converted many river fly fishermen to big game fishing in a hurry. We are your true affordable option for all of those adrenaline junkies who have a long list for the fly species.
Starting now I will be blogging like a son of bitch each week on my boy SHARP's blog. Stay thirsty my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt Starrs
By the way that is a 300 lb Marlin we hooked up with on 20 lb test last week. More to come...

Fight the Good Fight!!

In view of the recent lawsuit filed on behalf of the Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) (see:, several folks have asked how they can help.

First and foremost, if you haven't joined yet, please do so. Come to a meeting, or contact us via our website ( or FaceBook page (

Second, financial donations of any amount would be most welcome and will definitely help us in our fight.

Donations to support the work of the USAC can be made by PayPal directly through our website:

Alternatively, you can send a check made out to the "Utah Stream Access Coalition" to our treasurer, Dave McCoy at the following address:

Utah Stream Access Coalition
c/o David McCoy
858 Fox Borough Drive
Lehi, UT 84043-2321

Please note, while the USAC is a non-profit organization that lives through donations from it members and other concerned parties, your donations to the Coalition are NOT tax deductible.

OP Monster!!!!!

Check out the hog of a Steelface at Moldy Chum, March Slab of the Month Entry....

Holy Crap.....

If this doesn't make you salivate, you should quit swinging!


Yeah thats right, were on Twitter...... Check us out and follow.

We'll be posting some blow your mind type shit!

SHARPSFA (Twitterliscious)


One Fishy Kid....

Well not yet exactly.... But were on our way.

My little guy just turned two (2) this past Thursday. He is my youngest and only son.

Pondering Life's Unanswered Questions.... Or Thinking of taking one of dads cold ones!

I often find myself wishing him to grow up sooner, for selfish reasons of course. That way I can ensure a guaranteed fishing, hunting, exploring; partner and buddy. But what fun would that be? I already feel he is growing up to fast... Not to mention how old the kids (2) can make me feel, almost 31..... Shit! Where have the last 6 years gone.

Anyway, I can't wait to get a fly rod in this kids hand..... and yes I am a firm believer in allowing your kids to choose their hobbies and likes. But, I am his dad and I am sure he will love chase as much as I... This may be my only chance to influence his life long hobbies (as did my father). And I thank him for that.... I only hope I can be as fun (and cool) as Buzz Lightyear and Blues Clues.... Maybe someone should start a kids fishing show/ cartoon on the tube. (Think about it, could be a real money maker! Isn't everything for kids!)

All in all kids are a blast! I am so excited for what the future brings and to see how my little guy (and gal) learn,  develop and grow.

Cheers to all of you with kids and staying involved!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got Wood???

So what do you do after two successful weekends of skiing big powder at one of the top ski resorts in the United States?   

You load up the car, travel on down the highway to the closest state with great skiing and fishing…Worked called and I had to go to Sun Valley, Idaho. I know your thinking poor guy.... But alas, I had to make the trip. I thought long and hard about this one, ski’s or rod….ski’s or rod….ski’s or rod? Well rod won out.   

I mean after four days of great powder I didn’t want to push the chance of possibly getting on some groomer.  So I packed the rod, the waders and the cooler for the Curz (or Coors) as so many have told me and made my way to that sunny place. 

The Big Wood River is a beautiful river with tons of opportunities for average size trout.  Yes, I said it, trout! Not Steelhead! Not big powerful get into your backing in a hurry bullies, but trout, rainbows to be exact.  I gotta tell you the sun was shinning, the river was low and heads and tails were poppin.  I couldn’t help but think about Jimmy Buffet at a time like this “tails to the left tails to the right” because that is what was going on.  It was one of those afternoons were the sun is shinny and it’s just you making presentations, picking away at that slow riser. 

The only person I ran into during the day was Brian from Silver Creek Outfitters. He was working the river with his two dogs enjoying what the waters had to offer.  I worked my way up and down the river over a 5 hour period, finding pools that held 5 -10 trout at a time.  It was an afternoon filled with good hookups, missed opportunities and a couple of lost fish, but none the less action. 

Recently, I have come across this new found ADDICTION of hooking into a wild native steely, what is the take like? How far will it run? Is it going to happen on this swing? Why the hell is nothing taking? What am I friggin doing wrong? How the hell didn’t he take that?  So what am I trying to say here, the action was nice.  So please excuse my ever-so occasional trout story. 

If I lived closer to those NW waters I would no doubt have a real addiction problem. So until my next trip, I’m left to ponder the thought of hooking into that native wild bow while honing my skillz on those ever peculiar 6x size, 22 eating bows and brownies. 



Self Portrait! Action Shot!
Got My Powder!
Wait for it.....
Yes. I have big hands.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gear, Waterfowlers, Wild Fish.... Bunches of Stuff


Whether you find yourself in a layout blind scanning the sky for snow geese, or heading to the lake for a day of fishing; sunglasses are a necessity for outdoorsmen and women. Costa sunglasses introduces its newest pair of polarized performance shades, Fantail. Unique to Costa, Fantail features what's known as "360 degree co-molded technology" – a no-slip Hydrolite™ lining along the entire interior of the frame to help keep the sunglasses comfortably in place all day.

Woooo Weeee Big Sexy!


For those of you who also are addicted to Ducks, DU just released their 2011 list of best cities for waterfowlers. PNW getting Kudos with the number 1 spot.

1. Seattle, WA
2. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Washington D.C.
5. Salt Lake City, UT (whooray for Ray)
6. Detroit, MI (the Ol' Digs getting praise)
7. New York, NY
8. St. Louis, MS
9. Charleston, SC
10. Anchorage, AK

Portland was ranked number 4, on the secondary list.


Wild Fish Conservancy Joins Facebook. Ya heard it here first! 

I dont have a Facebook page, but give WFC your support.

Winter Fishing Blues

I find myself thinking of Steelheading nearly everyday, at some point time. I assume this is the same for many of you... The PNW can make winter fishing very difficult and inconsistent. Constant rain, snow and temperature swings, make it practically impossible to hit the rivers, with any success.

So, what is one to do, if he cannot pursue the GrayGhost?

For me, I dont tie flies, build rods, etc.  I find myself surfing the net and looking over the same sites, gear, stories and all of the other BS you run into while staring at the cube. Kind of like this blog.... Hey if you can't beat um, join um!

So, what are you doing to cure winter boredom?Are you venturing out to other rivers outside your norm? Do you have a indoor craft or hobby? Shoot us a comment and lets us know what is keeping you sane.

Keep checking out the blog, swag is on it's way. It may be free, it may be a donation. Not really sure yet, but it will be badass!