Friday, March 25, 2011

Steelface Addiction Logo and Schwag Coming Soon!

Alright we've been at this for almost two full months! Obviously a really long time! But we've been getting some really awesome feedback and more importantly, we appreciate your continued support and views!

We've been working on a logo design and we are also very close to moving this blog to a formal website. When it's ready well start directing everyone there...

In a short time we will also have some schwag available. The plan is to have stickers and decals (to start) ready in about a month, with hats, shirts and other rad-dad gear to follow appropriately.... It is our intention to donate a substantial part of the profits from the sale of these items (stickers and decals).  When I say substantial, I mean whatever isn't used to purchase more stickers (and shit), will be donated to local, regional, state and national organizations (and we'll try and do the most with local groups). I am sure we will post a list of who we will donate to as we move forward.... We are still developing a plan, so it may take us some extra time to make sure we do it right.

If you have any ideas you think would be useful to our cause please feel free to shoot us a comment, with contact info.

Keep in mind we are just some regular dudes who the love sport and would like to do our part! But, we do not do this everyday, so if you think you can offer or bring something to the table we may be missing, feel free.



PS: A wise man once told me.... Advertise free beer and they will come..... SO


(tomorrow only)

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