Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Fishy Kid....

Well not yet exactly.... But were on our way.

My little guy just turned two (2) this past Thursday. He is my youngest and only son.

Pondering Life's Unanswered Questions.... Or Thinking of taking one of dads cold ones!

I often find myself wishing him to grow up sooner, for selfish reasons of course. That way I can ensure a guaranteed fishing, hunting, exploring; partner and buddy. But what fun would that be? I already feel he is growing up to fast... Not to mention how old the kids (2) can make me feel, almost 31..... Shit! Where have the last 6 years gone.

Anyway, I can't wait to get a fly rod in this kids hand..... and yes I am a firm believer in allowing your kids to choose their hobbies and likes. But, I am his dad and I am sure he will love chase as much as I... This may be my only chance to influence his life long hobbies (as did my father). And I thank him for that.... I only hope I can be as fun (and cool) as Buzz Lightyear and Blues Clues.... Maybe someone should start a kids fishing show/ cartoon on the tube. (Think about it, could be a real money maker! Isn't everything for kids!)

All in all kids are a blast! I am so excited for what the future brings and to see how my little guy (and gal) learn,  develop and grow.

Cheers to all of you with kids and staying involved!


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