Monday, March 21, 2011

Sail Fish On The Fly!!!! Guatemalan Style

The sail fish are starting to heat up in Guatemala's pacific. While we usually wait for the full moon to fade away before hitting the waters once again (due to the better bite statistically), we are still raising sail fish into the spread FLY worthy in big numbers! Some days we see 12 sails fish in the spread and maybe 6 will take the fly, and probably 2 to 4 will be landed.

What does FLY worthy mean exactly??? Well, in order for a sail fish to aggressively slam a big, bright, pink cam sigler fly, they need to hit the hook-less teasers we troll with that attracts this fish into the ''spread''. That teaser looks like pink squid just 20 yards off the back of the boat trolling (splashes and draw attention to the baits being pulled by). Once they enter the spread and start attacking a teaser, we cut the motors, reel the ''teasers'' in like hell with a hot Sail Fish, Marlin or Dorado behind the teaser and yell ''pitch!!" to the angler. Hopefully if the bait and switch goes as planned you will have a 100 lb sail fish looking at you just 5 yards off the back of the boat. Soon after the sail grabs the fly and runs, that is when you set the hook, aiming for the corner of the sail fishes mouth. It will realize its hooked up and that when the fun starts. Tail walking away from the boat with a bright pink fly in the mouth, while doing out of water jumps, and flips . We usually recommend 12 wts, and even 13 to 14 wts for you first timers. I use Orvis 30 lb Gel spun for backing, Rio big game line and shooting head and I cut back the shooting head at least 10 feet so it doesn't drag on the back cast. I like Abel super 12 reels as well.
Just last week this guy (featured in picture) came down to Guatemala after going to Costa Rica for the last 5 years. Simply put he will never go back to CR again after experiencing our bite!

Tight Lines,
Capt Starrs

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