Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Fishing Blues

I find myself thinking of Steelheading nearly everyday, at some point time. I assume this is the same for many of you... The PNW can make winter fishing very difficult and inconsistent. Constant rain, snow and temperature swings, make it practically impossible to hit the rivers, with any success.

So, what is one to do, if he cannot pursue the GrayGhost?

For me, I dont tie flies, build rods, etc.  I find myself surfing the net and looking over the same sites, gear, stories and all of the other BS you run into while staring at the cube. Kind of like this blog.... Hey if you can't beat um, join um!

So, what are you doing to cure winter boredom?Are you venturing out to other rivers outside your norm? Do you have a indoor craft or hobby? Shoot us a comment and lets us know what is keeping you sane.

Keep checking out the blog, swag is on it's way. It may be free, it may be a donation. Not really sure yet, but it will be badass!


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