Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wet and Cold, but NOT Skunked

This mornings decision to hit one of the local Columbia Tribs (Washington), was certainly against my better judgment.

For those of you not familiar with what the Pacific Northwest winters have to offer, I'll give you the quick version.... Rain, Mildly Cold (35-50 average), Cloudy and Yes..... More Rain.

With the amount of moisture we receive, our rivers are almost always high, which in-turn equals, cloudy (milky, murky, muddy water, the opposite of clear). High and cloudy waters are two conditions known to turn Steelface into a somber non-active river Ghost. Anyone who's attempted fishing in conditions like this, understands exactly, what I'm talking about. Most don't even bother to leave the couch, but not me..... I am a diligent Steelheader and determined to prove others wrong, about catching Steelface in poor river conditions.... Or.... Maybe I was just really bored and anxious after sitting on my ass all day yesterday and I had to get out!

Not even kidding, it was raining sideways and the particular watershed I chose to explore happens to be in a canyon, which equals extra wind! And a bunch more water!

Anyway, I am not going to say it was my best day ever, because it wasn't,  but at least I didn't get skunked.

The catch of the day! Juvi Steelies (cute little babies). Reminds me of catching Brookies in the Au Sable.

Intruder is almost the size of the fish.

I know I Know, I can feel your envy! Imagine fighting this hog on a 13'6" 7 wt spey rod. Simply amazing! I would compare it to fighting a baby Tarpon on a 8 wt. Yeah!

I also caught this guy.... Forgive my video, I was trying to take a quick pic, but the dang phone wouldn't work with rain on the screen. So, please dont consider this my debut Steelface Film..... This guy was a little bigger.... More like the size of a nice Rainbow.

Again the key here is...... I did not get skunked!


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  1. Good to see at least one of us caught something today!