Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got Wood???

So what do you do after two successful weekends of skiing big powder at one of the top ski resorts in the United States?   

You load up the car, travel on down the highway to the closest state with great skiing and fishing…Worked called and I had to go to Sun Valley, Idaho. I know your thinking poor guy.... But alas, I had to make the trip. I thought long and hard about this one, ski’s or rod….ski’s or rod….ski’s or rod? Well rod won out.   

I mean after four days of great powder I didn’t want to push the chance of possibly getting on some groomer.  So I packed the rod, the waders and the cooler for the Curz (or Coors) as so many have told me and made my way to that sunny place. 

The Big Wood River is a beautiful river with tons of opportunities for average size trout.  Yes, I said it, trout! Not Steelhead! Not big powerful get into your backing in a hurry bullies, but trout, rainbows to be exact.  I gotta tell you the sun was shinning, the river was low and heads and tails were poppin.  I couldn’t help but think about Jimmy Buffet at a time like this “tails to the left tails to the right” because that is what was going on.  It was one of those afternoons were the sun is shinny and it’s just you making presentations, picking away at that slow riser. 

The only person I ran into during the day was Brian from Silver Creek Outfitters. He was working the river with his two dogs enjoying what the waters had to offer.  I worked my way up and down the river over a 5 hour period, finding pools that held 5 -10 trout at a time.  It was an afternoon filled with good hookups, missed opportunities and a couple of lost fish, but none the less action. 

Recently, I have come across this new found ADDICTION of hooking into a wild native steely, what is the take like? How far will it run? Is it going to happen on this swing? Why the hell is nothing taking? What am I friggin doing wrong? How the hell didn’t he take that?  So what am I trying to say here, the action was nice.  So please excuse my ever-so occasional trout story. 

If I lived closer to those NW waters I would no doubt have a real addiction problem. So until my next trip, I’m left to ponder the thought of hooking into that native wild bow while honing my skillz on those ever peculiar 6x size, 22 eating bows and brownies. 



Self Portrait! Action Shot!
Got My Powder!
Wait for it.....
Yes. I have big hands.

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  1. Glad to see Ray didn't fall in any tree holes out there by his lonesome....wifey wouldn't be around to fetch him out.