Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Michigan to Guatemala

Hola Pescadores!
I can tell you first hand that pitching a fly on the pere marquette river for salmon and steel head in Bladwin Michigan, to pitching a large pink fly to a pissed off sail fish in Guatemala requires a large learning curve, but for the last 5 years I have taught anglers in less than 4 days how to do such a task. I am a now a Captain/guide, and lodge manager/owner in the sail fish capital of the world, which is in Iztapa, Guatemala. I started this business just 5 years ago and already I am a master in my field. Even better I started a company that relates and targets common anglers that don't want to spend a shit load of money, to get professional results. Just remember that when the tip jar comes your way!
We have converted many river fly fishermen to big game fishing in a hurry. We are your true affordable option for all of those adrenaline junkies who have a long list for the fly species.
Starting now I will be blogging like a son of bitch each week on my boy SHARP's blog. Stay thirsty my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt Starrs
By the way that is a 300 lb Marlin we hooked up with on 20 lb test last week. More to come...

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