Monday, February 14, 2011

My thoughts on this years film tour.....

I must say, I look forward to this like Christmas, my birthday, Valentines Day and other very important dates.

Anyway, I went with a few buddies this year and we did have a good time, however......

I think I speak for all of our crew, when I say we were a bit disappointed with this years films. Yes, they showed some good hook ups, fishing, talking and other decent shit, but overall not as hardcore as past films.

Now keep in mind this is my own opinion and that of those whom have shared theirs with me. And I still think the tour is sweet and cool, but I expect great things based on past experiences. So, I would like to think we all, hold the tour to a higher level..... Because they're good at this stuff and well, the rest of you suck at it!

Kidding Kidding, you can't be so sensitive.... I suck at it too....

There were two very specific things, that I really didn't care for, per say, 1) If I recall correctly ( and yes beers were involved) the Mako shark flick "Speed Muscle Teeth".... showcased some dude (name not relevant) who I watched on Spanish Fly like two weeks ago. Now there is nothing wrong, with showing someone who has been on TV before, but shit, I thought and excuse me if I am wrong, remember my opinion, that this tour was about showcasing the skills of some badass fly fishers, movie makers, new blood and talent, etc, etc, etc..... This cat (respectfully) already had his time to shine on f'n ESPN, with Jose. I mean we can all watch him on cable if we like. So nothing personal, but really! Now I know they get tons of movies to review and select for the tour, but if this is the shit people sent in, then I am in the wrong business or better yet, they are (except for the dudes that made Greenstone, by Gambit Stone Productions. This was good fish porn and laughs). 2) There was no movie about Steelface..... I know, I know, there are many good sport fisheries in the US and around the world, but Steelhead are in the top three, with Permit and Tarpon, right! Especially with all of the stuff going on with SAVING WILD STEELHEAD and stuff. This year would have been a great opportunity to showcase why this species is special and deserves our support. And what better way to raise awareness that a tribute by film. I mean last years Metalhead, was freaking sweet as hell and I think most everyone agrees with this statement. I watch this at least once a month, it's that cool!

So...... in closing, I still enjoy watching the videos and meeting cool people, I just think this year fell short of last years awesomeness! And I think quite a few others concur, based on my discussions... But, with all my girlie bitching aside, I look forward to what is showcased next year..... I mean you can't keep everyone happy!

I read a post on a forum I frequent yesterday and this poster was complaining about the hat and how it was sooooo, ugly and how he would remove the patch and still where it on the river, regardless of how he looked. That pissed me off more than anything, because I think the hat is bad ass and I will wear it proudly as I do the FISHPOND hat (or yellow nightmare) from last year. And to you sir, YOU SUCK!!!! You could have respectfully declined the FREE swag, if it was not to your catwalk standards....

All in all a good time had by me and my crew! As if anyone cares what I think anyway. Thanks again guys, keep up the hard work!

If you have a comment, agree, disagree, post it up for all to read. OUT

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