Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And they say the Sandy, was fishing good?

Well another great report here from.....

The worst Steelface fisherman around, APPEARANTLY!

I am serious, the last few weeks (lets be honest, months) have been tough on me... I have really lost confidence in my ability to catch these damn fish.

I will mention, it was my first official time on the Sandy (near OB) and it certainly won't be my last, but I needed to hook up, to save face and personal pride!

The river seemed high and was certainly a little cloudy, but HELL. My buddy, Logan (AKA. Ray) was in for work from Park City, so we hit the river while he was in town. Now Ray, is a fishy trout dude from UT... And no, he is not a f*#king Morman, he's normal! (Sorry to all you weirdos out there I had to say it!)

Ray has never caught a Steelhead, so I thought, with my keen abilities, fish like senses and prowess, I would for sure pop his Steelface cherry............................... Bad thought! We both sucked and I sucked even more because I'm the blogger who thinks he a freaking fishing pro. I even attempted learning him on Spey Casting.... Yeah, I sucked at that too... Some people just can't be taught... But then again, maybe some people just can't teach?

Either way no fish were harmed in our attempts.... So, we have done our part to Save Wild Steelhead! After all, we only fish so we can look good on the river. We never intended to catch them anyway, it's all about the image.

And for that we are still bad MFers.....

In the future we may here more from Ray. I have asked him to contribute stories, news and other stuff from the fine waters throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

Here is a pic of Ray, so you can put a face to the name, when he contributes....

Oh Shit!!!!!!


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